tutor program

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Department of Education is partnering with the Education Renewal Zones to build and grow the Arkansas Tutoring Corps program, which is a system of trained tutors around the state who will provide tutoring assistance to students who need additional academic support.

The program, which is funded by state set-aside American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) funds, seeks to recruit at least 500 tutors who will be connected to organizations in their geographic areas that provide academic support to students. These organizations include schools, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and other entities that provide academic assistance to students.
“The availability of federal funds makes this much-needed program possible,” said Dr. Missy Walley, the director of special projects for ADE’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. “We know that COVID-19 has impacted students’ academic achievement, but with these resources and this network of tutors, students can obtain additional assistance to help them recoup some of the learning loss that occurred as a result of the pandemic. I look forward to the program’s growth and the positive impact it will have on student learning.”
The program’s initial focus is on providing tutors for students in grades K-8, with goals of expanding the program to include tutors for students in higher grades. 
In order to become a tutor, a candidate must complete an application and an initial training (see the link below for more information) in addition to successfully completing a background check. Those who complete the initial process receive a $500 stipend. Upon completing the first learning module in addition to 20 completed hours of tutoring at an approved site, the tutor will receive an additional $300. Additional $300 stipends are available for completing subsequent learning modules and tutoring hours. 
Upon completing all training and learning modules, as well as logging a total of 175 tutoring hours, tutors receive the Arkansas Tutoring Corp Certified Member designation along with an additional $1,000 stipend. The total amount a tutor can receive the first year is $3,000. Members can earn an additional $2,500 if they maintain their status by completing the renewal process and additional training, as well as additional tutoring hours. 
To learn more, visit https://bit.ly/3kDZJ6F